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Are you up to the challenge? The challenge of all heroes throughout the ages? Are you ready to train your body and mind to be at their pinnacle? HeroFit is an exciting new way to work out your body and mind (coming soon). With the HeroFit training system you begin by choosing what type of "hero" you aspire to be. There are many different paths you may take and it all depends on who you see yourself as, who you could be. We all have different ideas in our heads about how we wish to see ourselves but there are general archetypes that are common throughout cultures. By selecting an archetype that best fits how you wish to be in the future, HeroFit will start creating a path towards reaching your goals. Using data about your body, age, weight, and gender, HeroFit will create custom daily quests for you to complete that will slowly shape your body and mind into the hero you wish to become. Start by registering to begin your journey!

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